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Release notes

Binaries for all releases can be found on the GitHub releases pages for the ntfy server and the ntfy Android app.

ntfy server v1.16.0

Released Feb 27, 2022

Features & Bug fixes:

  • Add auth support for subscribing with CLI (#147/#148, thanks @lrabane)
  • Add support for ?since= (#151, thanks for reporting @nachotp)


Technical notes:

  • As of this release, message IDs will be 12 characters long (as opposed to 10 characters). This is to be able to distinguish them from Unix timestamps for #151.

ntfy Android app v1.9.1

Released Feb 16, 2022


  • Share to topic feature (#131, thanks u/emptymatrix for reporting)
  • Ability to pick a default server (#127, thanks to @poblabs for reporting and testing)
  • Automatically delete notifications (#71, thanks @arjan-s for reporting)
  • Dark theme: Improvements around style and contrast (#119, thanks @kzshantonu for reporting)

Bug fixes:

  • Do not attempt to download attachments if they are already expired (#135)
  • Fixed crash in AddFragment as seen per stack trace in Play Console (no ticket)

Other thanks:

  • Thanks to @rogeliodh, @cmeis and @poblabs for testing

ntfy server v1.15.0

Released Feb 14, 2022

Features & bug fixes:

  • Compress binaries with upx (#137)
  • Add visitor-request-limit-exempt-hosts to exempt friendly hosts from rate limits (#144)
  • Double default requests per second limit from 1 per 10s to 1 per 5s (no ticket)
  • Convert \n to new line for X-Message header as prep for sharing feature (see #136)
  • Reduce bcrypt cost to 10 to make auth timing more reasonable on slow servers (no ticket)
  • Docs update to include public test topics (no ticket)

ntfy server v1.14.1

Released Feb 9, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fix ARMv8 Docker build (#113, thanks to @djmaze)
  • No other significant changes

ntfy Android app v1.8.1

Released Feb 6, 2022


  • Support auth / access control (#19, thanks to @cmeis, @drsprite/@poblabs, @gedw99, @karmanyaahm, @Mek101, @gc-ss, @julianfoad, @nmoseman, Jakob, PeterCxy, Techlosopher)
  • Export/upload log now allows censored/uncensored logs (no ticket)
  • Removed wake lock (except for notification dispatching, no ticket)
  • Swipe to remove notifications (#117)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix download issues on SDK 29 "Movement not allowed" (#116, thanks Jakob)
  • Fix for Android 12 crashes (#124, thanks @eskilop)
  • Fix WebSocket retry logic bug with multiple servers (no ticket)
  • Fix race in refresh logic leading to duplicate connections (no ticket)
  • Fix scrolling issue in subscribe to topic dialog (#131, thanks @arminus)
  • Fix base URL text field color in dark mode, and size with large fonts (no ticket)
  • Fix action bar color in dark mode (make black, no ticket)


  • Foundational work for per-subscription settings

ntfy server v1.14.0

Released Feb 3, 2022


  • Server-side for authentication & authorization (#19, thanks for testing @cmeis, and for input from @gedw99, @karmanyaahm, @Mek101, @gc-ss, @julianfoad, @nmoseman, Jakob, PeterCxy, Techlosopher)
  • Support NTFY_TOPIC env variable in ntfy publish (#103)

Bug fixes:

  • Binary UnifiedPush messages should not be converted to attachments (part 1, #101)


  • Clarification regarding attachments (#118, thanks @xnumad)

ntfy Android app v1.7.1

Released Jan 21, 2022

New features:

  • Battery improvements: wakelock disabled by default (#76)
  • Dark mode: Allow changing app appearance (#102)
  • Report logs: Copy/export logs to help troubleshooting (#94)
  • WebSockets (experimental): Use WebSockets to subscribe to topics (#96, #100, #97)
  • Show battery optimization banner (#105)

Bug fixes:

  • (Partial) support for binary UnifiedPush messages (#101)


  • The foreground wakelock is now disabled by default
  • The service restarter is now scheduled every 3h instead of every 6h

ntfy server v1.13.0

Released Jan 16, 2022


ntfy Android app v1.6.0

Released Jan 14, 2022

New features:

  • Attachments: Send files to the phone (#25, #15)
  • Click action: Add a click action URL to notifications (#85)
  • Battery optimization: Allow disabling persistent wake-lock (#76, thanks @MatMaul)
  • Recognize imported user CA certificate for self-hosted servers (#87, thanks @keith24)
  • Remove mentions of "instant delivery" from F-Droid to make it less confusing (no ticket)

Bug fixes:

  • Subscription "muted until" was not always respected (#90)
  • Fix two stack traces reported by Play console vitals (no ticket)
  • Truncate FCM messages >4,000 bytes, prefer instant messages (#84)

ntfy server v1.12.1

Released Jan 14, 2022

Bug fixes:

  • Fix security issue with attachment peaking (#93)

ntfy server v1.12.0

Released Jan 13, 2022


Bug fixes:

  • Make postinst script work properly for rpm-based systems (#83, thanks @cmeis)
  • Truncate FCM messages longer than 4000 bytes (#84)
  • Fix listen-https port (no ticket)

ntfy Android app v1.5.2

Released Jan 3, 2022

New features:

  • Allow using ntfy as UnifiedPush distributor (#9)
  • Support for longer message up to 4096 bytes (#77)
  • Minimum priority: show notifications only if priority X or higher (#79)
  • Allowing disabling broadcasts in global settings (#80)

Bug fixes:

  • Allow int/long extras for SEND_MESSAGE intent (#57)
  • Various battery improvement fixes (#76)

ntfy server v1.11.2

Released Jan 1, 2022

Features & bug fixes:

  • Increase message limit to 4096 bytes (4k) #77
  • Docs for UnifiedPush #9
  • Increase keepalive interval to 55s #76
  • Increase Firebase keepalive to 3 hours #76

ntfy server v1.10.0

Released Dec 28, 2021

Features & bug fixes:

Older releases

For older releases, check out the GitHub releases pages for the ntfy server and the ntfy Android app.