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ntfy server

The ntfy server source code is available on GitHub. To quickly build on amd64, you can use make build-simple:

git clone
cd ntfy
make build-simple

That'll generate a statically linked binary in dist/ntfy_linux_amd64/ntfy.

For all other platforms (including Docker), and for production or other snapshot builds, you should use the amazingly awesome GoReleaser make targets:

  make build                       - Build
  make build-snapshot              - Build snapshot
  make build-simple                - Build (using go build, without goreleaser)
  make clean                       - Clean build folder

Releasing (requires goreleaser):
  make release                     - Create a release
  make release-snapshot            - Create a test release

There are currently no platform-specific make targets, so they will build for all platforms (which may take a while).

Android app

The ntfy Android app source code is available on GitHub. The Android app has two flavors:

  • Google Play: The play flavor includes Firebase (FCM) and requires a Firebase account
  • F-Droid: The fdroid flavor does not include Firebase or Google dependencies

First check out the repository:

git clone
cd ntfy-android

Then either follow the steps for building with or without Firebase.

Building without Firebase (F-Droid flavor)

Without Firebase, you may want to still change the default app_base_url in strings.xml if you're self-hosting the server. Then run:

# To build an unsigned .apk (app/build/outputs/apk/fdroid/*.apk)
./gradlew assembleFdroidRelease

# To build a bundle .aab (app/fdroid/release/*.aab)
./gradlew bundleFdroidRelease

Building with Firebase (FCM, Google Play flavor)

To build your own version with Firebase, you must: * Create a Firebase/FCM account * Place your account file at app/google-services.json * And change app_base_url in strings.xml * Then run:

# To build an unsigned .apk (app/build/outputs/apk/play/*.apk)
./gradlew assemblePlayRelease

# To build a bundle .aab (app/play/release/*.aab)
./gradlew bundlePlayRelease